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Be informed that information provided as requirement for subscription of land must be true and any false or inaccurate information given by subcriber may result in the decline of subscriber's application. .


  • 1C, Pascal Offiah Close,
  • Jakande 1st Gate Lekki

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  • 01-453-1189,
  • (+234)802-501-3032


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Terms & Condition

I hereby acknowledge that the estate i am subscribing to is owned and developed by
Vafiero International Limited.
I Agree there will be total sum of #500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) or less(depending on the estate acquired ), will be paid for survey for per plot and payment will be communicated to me and allocation will be done within five(5) working days on payment completion, which date and time will be communicated to me.
Reciept and contract of sales are the documents i will get after completion for payment of this land. I understand that after initial deposit, i am expected to pay the balance on a monthly basis. Monthly nonpayment as at when due will be regarded as a fundamental breach of contract which can result into termination or revocation of contract.
I can start development on the land after physical allocation and payment of stipulated survey fee and documentation charges have been made.
I accept that development and service charge will be paid and it will be determined later and also, there is no time limit to commence work on my allocated land.
In terms of reselling, Vafiero International Limited can buy back Plot(s) only if i have fully paid or the company can assist me to get a buyer.
This attracts an agency fee of 15%, which will be deducted from purchase/selling/current price in both cases.
While Vafiero International Limited do not question or doubt the integrity of anybody, the company strongly advice that cash should be paid to Vafiero International Limited. Vafiero International Limited would not accept or take responsibility for any liability that may arise as a result of deviation from the above instruction.
I am aware that per plot is 600 square meter.
I acknowledge that 90(Ninety) days notice has to be given to the me to process refund. if at the end of the notice, refund is not ready, another 60(Sixty) days shall be given to me after which i, the purchasher shall get the refund of total amount paid less 30% administrative charges

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