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  • 1C, Pascal Offiah Close,
  • Jakande 1st Gate Lekki

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  • 01-453-1189,
  • (+234)802-501-3032

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(i) Development levy is ₦5,000 per square meter
(ii) Infrastructure and service cost to be determined later


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Q. Where are your estates located?
A. Bayside, Holland Park Estate and Home Gate - Osoroko Town, along Free Trade Zone Ibeju-Lekki
Queens Park and Bridge Waters - Magbon Alade, Ibeju-Lekki
Richwood Gardens and Villa Park - Ado Egiri Town(Epe Lagos) and along Pan African University (Ibeju-Agbe) respectively
Springfield Estate - Along New Pan African University (Ibeju-Agbe)

Q. Who is the Developer of the Estate i am subscribing to?
A. Vafiero International Limited.

Q. What type of infrastructures will the developer provide?
A. Perimeter fencing, interlocked internal roads, gate house, side drainage

Q. Would there be any survey charges?
A. Yes, there will be a total sum of N500, 000 per plot being cost of survey fee and legal documentation for plot of land purchase

Q. When will my plot(s) be alocated to me?
A. Allocation will be done within five(5) working days on completion of payment. Date and time would be communicated to client.

Q. What do i get after completion of payment for land
A. Reciept and contract of sales

Q. What kind of title does Vafiero International's estates have
A. Bayside, Holland Park Estate and Home Gate - Deed of assignment with land owners and
Lagos State Government Approved Survey Plan and Global C of O
Queens Park and Bridge Waters - Village Excision
Richwood Gardens and Villa Park - Registered survey
Springfield Estate - Soldout

Q. Can i pay a deposit and pay balance anytime within the duration of chosen tenure?
A. After the initial deposit, you are expected to pay the balance as agreed with Vafiero International Limited. Default of payment for up to 3 times will be regarded as a fundamental breach of contract which can result to terminate or revocation of contract

Q. Can i be moved from my original location to somewhere else?
A. Yes. The assignee reserves the right to relocate allotee in event of mis-normal on any portion earlier allocated

Q. Can i start development on the land immediately
A. You can start building on the land after physical allocation and payment of stipulated survey fee and documentation charges have been paid

Q. Would there be any development and service charge to be paid?
A. Yes, to be determined later

Q. Is the access road to the estate motorable?
A. Yes, the road to the estate is motorable

Q. Is there any time limit to commence work on my land after allocation?
A. No, but development should begin as soon as possible (ASAP)

Q. Can i resell my plot/property?
A. Vafiero International Limited can buy back plots from subscriber who have paid fully on their land or assist to get a buyer. Charges of 15% (agency fee) is deducted from purchase/selling/current price in both cases

Q. Can i pay cash to your agent?
A. While we do not question or doubt the integrity of anybody, we strongly advice that cash should be paid to
Vafiero International Limited only. Otherwise, cheque should be issued in favour of Vafiero International Limited. We would
accept or take responsibility for any liability that may arise as a result of deviation from the above instruction

Q. What is the size of the plot?
A. 600sqm

Q. What happens if i cannot continue with the payment? Can i get refund?
A. Refund will be subjected to availability of fund and an Administrative charge of 20% and 10% Agency fee shall be deducted when refund is being made

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